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Martines Image

Company Martines Image Martines Image Group has been running successfully on the Russian cosmetic market for many years, and is the largest exclusive distributor of 12 global professional brands.
The company’s mission is to fully meet the needs of beauty industry professionals by offering the best and latest developments in global cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

Martines Image was founded in 1995 as a wholesale distributor of professional products to the Russian beauty market. The company was actively involved in major international and regional tradeshows, congresses, conferences and massmedia advertising, and was able to acquire an extensive list of clients and partners. Today, more than 6,000 beauty salons, medical centers, plastic surgery clinics, spas, fitness clubs and private cosmetologists are among Martines Image’s clients.

About the company Martines ImageTRAINING CENTER
Being aware of the importance of continuously raising the qualifications of specialists in today’s beauty industry, Martines Image established a training center. The training center team comprises highly qualified medical professionals, cosmetologists, biochemists, nutritionists, and homoeopathists that hold themed seminars, workshops, lectures, and presentations on numerous innovations, methods and products in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.
Martines Image’ core team has worked together for 25 years. Martines’ employees are the main assets of the company, and for this reason, we try to create all the necessary conditions to foster real professionals. Martines Image believes that the company development and education of employees is the integral part of company success. We employ a team of excellent professionals with an extensive track record stemming from their experience in the Russian beauty market.

In 2008 Martines Image expanded into the retail sector by opening a chain of their own beauty boutiques, «Season Krasoty», which features personal beauty care products by leading European, Canadian and Japanese brands.

Currently, the Martines Image Group portfolio features the following brands for professional use:


Brand: Amenity
Manufacturer: Amenity Сo., Ltd. (Japan)
Amenity face and body products are considered the highest quality ones in Japanese skincare and regenerating skin through glycol peeling combined with revitalizing cellular care on the basis of placenta extract, hyaluronic acid, and extracts of rare oriental plants.

Brand: Ericson Laboratoire
Manufacturer: Ericson Laboratoire (France)
Scientific, innovative, highly performing skincare based on plant cell extract and biotechnological systems with highly concentrated active ingredients for maximum efficacy. Ericson Laboratoire products offer professional beauty care indicated for intensive face, body and décolletage skin treatment.

Brand: La Mente
Manufacturer: Japan Natural Lab. Сo., Ltd. (Japan)
La Mente is a facial skincare rejuvenation line based on cell extracts, stabilized vitamin complexes, proteins and other bioactive components featured on unprecedented quality, high effectiveness, and admirable product textures to create personalized skin care programs to meet specific aesthetic needs.

Brand: meillumé
Manufacturer: Dermatology Laboratories Inc. (Canada)
Unique system of professional skin care, developed and manufactured by Canadian research center together with specialists of key plastic surgery clinics in Beverly Hills. It allows to correct a wide range of aesthetic defects. Meillumé is the embodiment of scientific approach to professional skin care and the next level of cosmeceutical evolution.

Brand: Phymongshe
Manufacturer: EDK SPA SOLUTION Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Phymongshe is a professional aesthetic brand including two original peeling programs for face and 5-steps program body skin care. The main idea is a fusion of precious botanicals and cutting edge technology in each product. Phymongshe is striving for realization of the most advanced beauty solutions, with mission of making women’s dream come true.

Brand: Carboxy CO2 gel mask (South Korea) - metabolic rejuvenation activity and highlight of aesthetic procedures.
Brand: Beta-glucan masks (South Korea) – anti-age and post-treatment effects.


Brand: Victoria®
Manufacturer: Victoria® Inc. (Russia)

Brand: Mesotech
Manufacturer: Mesotech S.r.l. (Italy)
Mesotech offers the broad product line of aesthetic mesotherapy cocktails that have been developed and produced in Europe through the extensive scientific research and dedication of a team of dermatologists.

Brand: Q-Lab
Manufacturer: QUARTZ Cosmetics (Spain)
Q-Lab mesotherapy products (monopreparations, vitamin complexes, mesotherapy cocktails) are designed to effectively and considerably treat the widest range of beauty concerns such as aging skin, cellulite, localized fatty deposits, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and alopecia.

Brand: HyalCode
Skolkovo Innovation Center (Russia)
HyalCode is a new line of biorevitalizing drugs based on hyaluronic acid of biotechnological origin, developed by the Skolkovo Russian Innovation Center. The main feature of the line is the use of highly purified hyaluronic acid that meets the requirements of the latest edition of the European Pharmacopoeia.


Brand: Beauty Image
Manufacturer: CEM S.A. (Spain)
Beauty Image provides a broad spectrum of treatments and tools for bioepilation, paraffin therapy and parafango, accessories and other equipment.

Martines Image Group has its headquarters in Moscow, with branch offices in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Pyatigorsk, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar,Kazan, Novorossiisk, Simferopol, Sochi, Stavropol, Vladikavkaz;


How to contact us

Head Office: 115093, 53 Lusinovskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Tel. +7 (495) 223-55-15, fax + 7 (495) 237-63-17

St. Petersburg Office: 191186, Ofice 320, 3st floor,
2 Shvedskiy lane, St. Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 385-57-50

Pyatigorsk Office: 357500, 7B Oktyabrskaya str., Pyatigorsk, Russia
+7 (8793) 39-32-19

Rostov-na-Donu Office: 344018, 117 Semashko str., Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
+7 (863) 201-84-84

Krasnodar Office: 350049, 1st floor, 210 Krasnih partisan str.,
Krasnodar, Russia
+7 (861) 203-00-35

Simferopol Office: Office 601. 6th floor,
295000 13A Turetskaya st., Simferopol
+7 (978) 770-70-27, +7 (978) 791-33-94

Sochi Office: 354000, 1 floor, 35, Voykova st.
+7 (862) 295-93-85

Stavropol Office: 23/25 Artema st., office 400,
+7 (967) 199-31-36

Yekaterinburg Office: 620026, Ofice 514, 36 Engelsa st.
+7 (343) 286-83-01

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